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Who We Are

NeoHealth strives to provide affordable quality health care to the residents of our service area. Our doctors and staff are committed to keeping you and your family healthy, at rates that you can afford. If you have medical coverage, our staff will continue to file claims to your insurance company, Medicaid, SoonerCare, or Medicare on your behalf. If you think you might be eligible for Medicaid/SoonerCare our staff will be available to help you with the process. In order to continue with our current level of services, it will be necessary to collect the necessary fee from all of our patients when services are received. This includes the co-pay from Medicare and private insurance, as well as the minimum fee.

Who We Are
Our Mission Is Simple. Our Vision Is Clear
Our Mission Is Simple. Our Vision Is Clear

NeoHealth strives to be a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), which is an innovative program for improving primary care for our patient population. The program gives practice information about organizing care around patient needs, working in teams, and coordinating and tracking care over time.

Our Board of Directors

  • Trena Payton - Board Chair
  • Tony Ward - Vice Chair
  • Courtney Hamby - Treasurer
  • LuAnn Hudson - Secretary
  • Tim Booth - Member
  • JoAnn Bradley - Member
  • Joan Foster - Member
  • Nikki Malloy - Member
  • Beverly Runnels - Member
  • Josh Stafford - Member
What Our Community Is Saying

Nicole did amazing!

Candace was very patient with my crying child.

Always take the best care of me.

Always have the best care with NEO clinics!

I don't feel like I am just a number.

First time here with my daughter. Felt very comfortable.

10 out of 10. Best medical staff I have ever had.

Was able to be seen the same day! Means a lot!

Best doctor I have ever had!

I am always treated with kindness and professionalism.

When you wake up with a sick child, you don't know how amazing it is to get in to see the provider the same day! Thank you!

The young lady up front was so polite.

They saved my husband's life last week!

Candace answered all my questions.